Year joined (ASEM): 2004
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lithuania

Hosted events

25-26 May 2017
Vilnius, Lithuania
ASEM Activities
The 1st ASEM Conference on Women's Economic Empowerment: Creating Equal Opportunities in the World...
1 March 2017
Vilnius , Lithuania
ASEM Activities
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania took to social media on 1 March 2017 in celebration of...
04-05 November 2013
Vilnius, Lithuania
ASEM Activities
Participants of the 2nd ASEM Seminar on Nuclear Safety
The 2-day seminar provided a platform for an exchange of views among relevant policymakers and...
19-20 October 2009
Vilnius, Lithuania
Ministerial Meetings
(c) 2009 Office of the President of the Republic of Lithuania  |  Lithuania President made a welcome address at the first ASEM Meeting of Transport Ministers
Following the Hanoi Declaration on the Closer ASEM Economic Partnership at the fifth Asia-Europe...