Asia-Europe People's Forum (AEPF)

Outside the official ASEM process, civil society representatives from Asia and Europe have organised "alternative ASEM" meetings which were traditionally held to coincide with the official ASEM Summits: the Asia-Europe Peoples' Forum (AEPF).

The Asia-Europe Peoples' Forum (AEPF) is an inter-regional network of civil society and social movements across Asia and Europe.

AEPF emerged in the mid-1990s from a common desire and need among people's organisations and networks across Asia and Europe to open up new venues for dialogue, cooperation and solidarity.

The first AEPF interregional conference was organised in 1996 during the 1st Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM1) held in Bangkok, Thailand. Since then, AEPF has been holding a biennial alternative ASEM summit called the Asia-Europe Peoples' Forum. Since its emergence in 1996 the AEPF has evolved by reflecting upon, shaping strategies for and intervening in a range of issues of common concern to the peoples of Asia and Europe.

More information can be found at the AEPF Website.