Asia-Europe Parliamentary Partnership (ASEP) Meeting

The Asia-Europe Parliamentary Partnership (ASEP) Meeting is part of the overall Asia-Europe partnership process. It serves as a forum for interparliamentary contacts, exchanges and diplomacy among parliaments, and to promote mutual understanding among the people and countries of Asia and Europe. ASEP meetings shall normally be convened on a regular bi-annual basis alternately in Asia and in Europe before the ASEM Summit.

The Meeting connects member of parliaments of ASEM member countries to discuss on issues surrounding the ASEM three pillars. The ASEP promotes cooperation between parliaments in Europe and Asia and offers parliamentarians an opportunity to infuence the ASEM process.

Participants in the ASEP are the Parliaments of the ASEM partner countries and the European Parliament and are governed by the Rules of Procedure, which were adapted at ASEP4 in 2006 in Helsinki, Finland.

View the Rules of Procedure here.